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We took the opportunity and we love it. But moving internationally isn't easy.

We decided to put some of our hard won knowledge on the web, hoping it'll help someone else. Down below, you'll find pages dedicated to specific topics. But here on the home page, we want to highlight the most important thing we've learned...

Our number one tip for happy days in Ireland:

pick up the phone

If you want to get something done with a government agency or a big company, you'll go on their website and usually find a big, confusing bureaucratic process. We've found that the best way to handle things is to call them. Customer service folks in Ireland are almost universally friendly and knowledgeable, and in many cases they can take care of things right then and there.

Down below, you'll find a bunch of topics that we've dealt with, linked to a writeup of our understanding of that topic. We're not experts, just regular folks muddling our way through. So please be extra careful to double check for your situation before using our info.

Also note that things do change, and sometimes quickly. We've seen two major regulatory changes in just the first half of 2019. So we can't guarantee our info is up to date. We'll do our best to put a date on each topic.

Suggestions and kudos are always welcome! Send us some email!

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